Erratic Encounters (box work)

The work explores how we make sense of place and seek to belong through bodily experience. While wandering through unfamiliar Norwegian landscapes with no direction, no destination, and only a starting point to which to eventually return, I endeavoured to 'take part in the existence of things' as Keats describes it.

Encounters with Glacial Erratics during my explorations gave a feeling of immediate affinity. Like me, they appeared as aliens in the landscape, transported from another place. They stand out from their surroundings, left behind when the glacial ice melted and carried them along no longer.

The box work attempts to encapsulate the physical and emotional relationship to place and relate it to an audience through writing, drawing, photography and small scale 3D paper sculpture. It is an amalgam of truth and fiction, a conversation between physical place and interior landscape.

Erratic Encounters, Artist Book, 2020, 330mm x 331mm x 50mm, edition of 5

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