The Mrs Day Collections

The Mrs Day Collections is a collaboration with artist Jacqueline Butler. The work addresses the authenticity of archives and collections and the notion of memory through artistic exploration and response.

Home Truths: The ‘Life’ of Mrs Olive G. Day, Installation, Holden Gallery, Manchester, 2009

Victory Garden: The ‘Life’ of Mrs Olive G. Day, Installation, RHS Tatton Flower Show, 2013

Mrs Olive G Day's Portable Archive Box, Media Materiality: Towards Critical Economies in "New" Media, Asterisk Gallery, San Francisco, USA, 2015. 

Home from Home

Having left Germany, the place of my origin, notions of home, belonging, heimat and dislocation appear regularly in my work.

The static caravan that offers a home from home, a break from everyday life, yet still contains the usual traces of domestic activity and hints of its owner's identity has always held a certain fascination for me.

Home from Home, Rosbeg, Co. Mayo, Ireland, 2008


Zuhause is an exploration of the family home and local surroundings I grew up in, in Germany.

'Unchanging as the village is, he will never again see it as he did before he left. He is seen differently, and he sees differently.' John Berger

Zuhause, c-type prints, 2005
Zuhause, publication, 2005

World Famed Hooks & Eyes

World Famed Hooks and Eyes contains a collection of objects that are connected to domestiticity and therefore the female. The book explores the rituals of handing down and passing on; the inheritance of values and skills transferred and evolved through the female line and how this activity is evidenced in everyday objects that are found around the home.

World Famed Hook and Eyes, Edition of 20, September 2006

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